Insulated and Refrigerated Vans

Insulated and Refrigerated Vans

The fresh and timely transport of food items and perishable good is critical for any business dealing in such commodities.

Chaphekar Engineering has studied in detail the requirements for transportation of perishable commodities, and developed Refer Vans and Insulated Vans, which ensures the transport and freshness under the right temperature conditions.

It is best suited for transporting vegetables, fruits, frozen meat, seafood, milk, dairy and pharmaceutical products. The highly effective sealing arrangement, hygienic body and injected PU foam ensures better insulation with leak proof body.


  • Refrigerated Vans are finished with all steel structure well treated for anti corrosion, covered with either aluminum panels/ GPpanels as per choice internally or externally.
  • 80 to 120 mm thick PUF insulation on all sides as per required temperature control having puff insulation density between 37 / 40 kg per cu meter with thermal conduction 0.017 w/mk.
  • Floor will be finished using aluminium checkered plate and 12mm plywood over the insulation.
  • Bottom of the floor will be covered either with the SS panel or aluminium panel.
  • Van will have 270 degree opening 2 leaf-type rear doors with plated hinges and better ceiling with rubber beading and container type locking system for safety.
  • Refrigerated unit provision will be carried out as per requirement.
  • Refrigerated unit is customer supply.
  • Color scheme as per customer choice.
  • Electricals and other fitments as per CMVR.
  • Insulated vans can also be made as per above details without refrigeration unit.
Overall size (in mm)
Volume (in Cu m)
2530 1850 1530 5
3200 2000 1830 9
5130 2140 2030 17
5182 2300 2300 22
6150 2130 2320 24
5815 2300 2250 24
6176 2366 2366 26
6825 2440 2440 32
Insulated and Refrigerated Vans

These are our standard sizes, any other size can be made available on request.