We specialize as a truck container manufacturer in different kinds of containers starting from 7 cu m to 35 cu m. We offer entire range of containers starting from SCV to HCV. We have different kinds of floorings available like corrugated MS plate, MS chuckered plate and reinforced plywood. These containers have a high payload capacity. We manufacture these containers using steel and aluminum. We have manufactured the biggest aluminum container in the country. These are useful for carrying cargo corrugated boxes, auto parts, consumable goods etc. There are three types of containers:

  • Container with rear opening door
  • Container with rear and side opening doors
  • Pilarless container with side opening


  • High quality paint and pretreatment process used for painting, which enhances life span & aesthetics.
  • The MS corrugated panels are produced from one piece, closed pitch rolled CR Sheets in vertical condition with minimum joints, which are aesthetically appealing.
  • All the containers are made of sturdy steel structures, covered with corrugated sheets properly welded.
  • These containers are leak-proof and well ventilated.
  • We also provide containers with rear & side opening doors which are called Pillarless photograph. This container with two-fold rear & side door facility with rubber beading is useful for easy loading and unloading of cargo.
  • Provision for Driver’s Baggage, under floor tool box and roof luggage carrier.
  • The hinges are made such that it helps the door open on both sides with 270 degree at rear which helps in easy loading and unloading and create sample space for the forklift to move to and fro.
  • We also provide wind deflector which adds to the aero dynamics and increases the fuel efficiency.
  • Side tracks & shore poles
  • Rear camera & display screen, GPS System
  • All the products are aesthetically elegant, aerodynamics for fuel consumption.

Available sizes

Overall size
Volume (in Cu m)
2185 1465 1640 5
2700 1520 1600 6
4270 2200 2200 19
6100 2286 2286 29
7300 2286 2286 35
9300 2440 2440 53

These are our standard sizes, any other size can be made available on request.